To My Dad

Ode to JRW Sewell


All hail JRW Sewell

In his 70th year

We all unanimously agree

He’s a man without peer


Husband to “little Jen”

And father to John and Lou

Grandfather to Ellie and Ben

And more recently another two


He crossed the hills to Grenoside

But with barely time to settle

He took a trip to the USA

Where Grandpa was an expert in metal


He claims to have attended Uni

Though Durham or Toon we’re still unsure

But he must have studied somewhere

To spend 30 years practising law


Rod liked his cricket

And supported the Lancastrian rose

But football and the Owls

Were the primary affliction he chose


Wednesday are his passion

A supporter through thick and thin

He’s backed them in desperate times

And occasionally seen them win


He’s also done his badges

To coach the kids in Endcliffe Park

But it was as manager of Storrs FC

That he really made his mark


With players like Simmy and Bammy

The football quality was poor

But the absolute nadir

Was the pre-season Blackpool tour


Rod loved his golf GTis

Overtaking was never a worry

Although one became considerably slower

After an altercation with a lorry


The miles he must have driven

As his unlicensed cab toured the land

But whenever his kids needed a lift

He was always willingly on hand


When John passed his A-levels

At the Council his clean heals were seen

As he met up with the lads

For a beer in Bents Green


With Chris and Lou in Dorking

And the imminent arrival of Ellie

The GPs loaded the car

And Rod gave it some welly


On arrival in Dorking

They needed somewhere to stay

Heads barely touching pillows

They were still asked to pay


Friends from Castlewood Road

Now cast wide and far

Meet up for fun and walking

And then a pint in the bar


Rod attends evening classes

To learn French or so he reckons

But can he really speak the lingo?

In The Dordogne judgement day beckons


Rod spends time in the garden

He works from dusk till dawn

To produce sweet peas and tomatoes

Watered by Lou and Shaun


But you were there for Ellie Mae

And you were there for Ben

And you were there for James and Harry

Not why or maybe but where and when


A fantastic GP and father

If you disagree you’re a fool

Happy birthday, have a good one

John Roderick Walker Sewell







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