You know who you are

I wish that I could tell you that life will always be fair. But when your path gets rocky

I promise I’ll be there.

And when the path you’ve chosen

may not be one with which I agree.

I’ll support you come what may,

You can always rely on me.

When you doubt or question

the path chosen for you. I’ll walk beside you always

I’ll be your companion true.

Together we will face the challenges that come our way.

We will see it through to the end,

together come what may.

Although my body will fail me

and wither on the vine.

I promise I’ll stand with you

and together we’ll walk the line.

When this terrible curse has taken,

the husband and father that you once knew.

I promise my love will burn bright

and I’ll still walk beside you.

You have my word that the hurt you feel

will slowly fade away.

But my love it will endure and chase the darkness away.


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