The 100

Two middle aged men
Whose prep wasn’t great
Took on the challenge
But left it to fate
As to whether they’d finish
On the same date
As everyone else
Who seemed a lot stronger
Who no doubt had trained
For considerably longer
But what they didn’t factor in
Is both of us are are naturally thin
Which helps on a bike
Didn’t you know?
There’s less weight
To make you slow
Particularly Chris
Whose recently fasted
And of course, don’t forget
We’re the most stubborn bastards
That you’ve had the good fortune to know
And as I close this rhyme, this farce
I must just mention the state of my arse
Which of all my bits
It took the brunt
As I battled manfully
To stay in the hunt
But even that is beginning to abate
And as I bask in our dual glory
And yes this really is the end of the story
I’ll tell you all something for free
If I say I’m doing another century
Take me out and shoot me


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