False News

When did false news become a legitimate repost?

Used by public figures when their reputation is seemingly lost.

They used to bluster and ride it out,

Find a patsy and throw mud about.

Or deny it all: “it was not me.

This is a case of mistaken identity.”

But instead of a tried and tested technique,

Politicians and the like no longer flim flam or sneak.

Instead “false news” is the cry.

“This never happened”, no need to deny

personal involvement or responsibility.

Especially when you can blame it on the BBC,

CNN or the the shadowy liberal elite

as if being liberal requires some great deceit.

And why do the people who claim the news is all lies

spend so much time using a medium they appear to despise?

While not an issue I have to endure,

perhaps less media exposure is better than more

when you have only a fleeting relationship with what’s true?

How about avoiding the media zoo?

And while I’m standing on my tiny soap box

everyone knows life hands out plenty of hard knocks.

So why not try to be kind to others and walk in their shoes?

Give it a try, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Be generous in all things and try to be kind.

Talk to people you come across and maybe you’ll find,

The long forgotten community spirit, of people uniting

Rather than division, resentment and fighting.









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