For My Lads

My beautiful boys, your life is for living.

For grabbing every opportunity you are given.

You may not enjoy your homework tasks,

but do your best, that is all we ask.

Be diligent but make time for joy,

life should be fun for a five year old boy.

Work hard at school and strive to learn

everything on offer so that you earn

the right to choose, to make your choice,

options will arise and you will have a voice

amid the hubbub and background chatter

to make decisions on the things that matter:

whether to work or study more?

Travel the world until you’re sure

about what you should do with your time

although I am confident you’ll both be fine.

You behave like champions with winning smiles,

at cross country running you galloped for miles.

At football you’re unbeatable, at least by me

your winning margin usually exceeds three.

You’re the quickest of bowlers, fantastic with a  bat

Chasing your balls, knocking plants flat.

You get stuck straight in to whatever you do

Enthusiasm and energy applied to all things new.

You eat what you’re given or give it a try

and trying is important and I’ll tell you why.

You both always try your best

for every challenge and every test.

Which makes you special, a couple who smash

every challenge or at least give them a bash.

And that’s why I love you (or at least one reason why)

so whatever you do, continue to try.

Try fresh things, try some old ones too

if they floated your boat when they were new.

But I know you’ll be fine, the best you can be.

After all, it’s genetic – you’ll take after me ………… what? Oh?



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