Center Parcs


Richard and Char took only one car
Whereas Karen and John took two
We departed together in reasonable weather
After John stopped hiding in the loo

It wasn’t a surprise for the two speedy guys
That John was left eating dust
But there was some consternation on reaching their destination
That he had actually got there first

After a rapid fire munch of a pannini style lunch
We headed on towards CP
on arrival we found the accommodation was sound
And we went out to Huck’s for our tea

At Huck’s we dined twice and the food was quite nice
Although like James it took ages to appear
The poor little lad could neither ride or be dragged
And always brought up the rear

The football game turned out the same
As every other match we play
With simulation and weeping and some suicidal goalkeeping
It was just like watching Wednesday

The Woodworths rule at scrabble and pool
The latter suggests misspent youth
The girls drank white well into the night
The pool room was occupied by the uncouth

The kids hurtled round often hitting the ground
On bikes and scooters without fear
And down shone the sun and we all had good fun
All inclusive in Turkey next year?


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